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"White & Woke"


Please join my page on Facebook: White & Woke.

I intend to begin offering courses for White People to heal racism within ourselves and within the world, as well as aiming to build intercultural bridges through Unity Theater. These pages will hopefully offer a landing place for those seeking a safe place to begin healing our racism separately and together.

If you are a Person of Color, you are also welcome to join in, however, because we require a truly safe space for ourselves to unlearn, undo, and entirely eliminate the racism we have carried and with which we have already burdened you, the White & Woke course and FB page may not be the safest place for YOU and YOUR healing.

I guarantee you all that as more people join us, we will really begin to address our internalized white supremacy patterns and along with People of Color we will begin to be able to envision together and build together a new world that works for all. Please also visit another of my FB pages: HEART-101, which is where we can HEAL EVERYONE AROUND RACISM TOGETHER (HEART).

Thank you for listening and for your patience as we all get started here. We'll be up and running shortly. I'll be hosting both courses and introductions to Unity Theater and Unity Theater Workshops on Zoom.

Please join my page on Facebook: White & Woke.